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I have recently taken over ownership of this website and the plan is to turn this website into a directory for personal injury lawyers, on a paid subscription model. I am still developing the website so am currently taking listings for free - if you would are a personal injury lawyer and would like to be listed on the homepage please submit your website.

Directory Listings

Personal Injury Solicitors Bolton
UK accident claims and personal injury lawyers serving the Bolton area on a no win no fee agreement.

Slater & Gordon
One of the largest personal injury firms in the whole of the UK.

Why Personal Injury Solicitors?

I’ve been involved in Internet Marketing for a number of years now and specialise in helping legal firms generate more leads.  One thing that is very popular in the legal niche are directory style websites where people can find and select solicitors and lawyers.  I don’t believe that there’s currently a really good directory online for UK personal injury solicitors.

As a result I’ve acquired this domain from a contact of mine who no longer needed it and I feel it will (in the future) make for an excellent resource.  The project might take some time to get off the ground, but in the meantime I am happy to take (free) submissions from personal injury firms and accident claims companies until such time the website is performing and looks like it should do.

So if in the meantime you would like to get your website on here then please do submit it and get it added to the growing list of personal Injury solicitors around the UK.

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